A Good Night’s Sleep with Nanotex

A Good Night’s Sleep with Nanotex

Having an actual good night’s sleep means the kids not crawling in my bed until 5am. Or a good night’s sleep is not sweating, pulling covers and trying to find a spot to sleep comfortably.  I am the polar opposite of my husband, he is always sweating, I am always cold, I need two down comforters and he is ontop of the sheets.  Cuddling is not included, especially when I add two mini hotboxes into our equation in the middle of the night that sleep on top of you- arms/legs everywhere.

A Good Night’s Sleep with Nanotex

Recently I was sent a sample of Nanotex sheets that can be found at Walmart and Cabela’s.  Nanotex’s claim is “coolest comfort” and “wrinkle defense” technology. I happen to agree.  Suddenly we are dry, my husband is under the sheets and the sweat from the hotboxes was gone. MAGIC and a win for me!

You can buy the sheets at Wal-Mart and Cabela’s and in multiple colors: Coffee, Cream, Mocha, Aqua, Ivory and Taupe.

They are now in my weekly sheet rotation for “New Sheet Tuesday” when all beds are changed in our house.


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