Nano-Tex® Permanent Protection on a Nano Level.

The first high-performance nanotechnology that builds permanent spill and stain resistance into the molecular structure of the fabric. Nano-Tex protects your design, your installation, your client. Any fabric, any application, in any space.




• Fabric aggressively repels liquids and stains

• Liquids can be blotted off the fabric face preventing staining and penetration

• Helps prevent staining of fabric from dirt and spills including coffee, soda, wine, mustard, salad dressing, blood, urine and iodine.

• Can be easily cleaned with all cleaning agents including detergents, solvents or 15% diluted bleach (fabric appropriate)


• Maintains Natural Hand

• Highly Breathable and Comfortable

• Lasts the Life of the Fabric

• Durable to laundering; tested up to 50 commercial washings
• Can significantly improve abrasion


• Can keep fabrics that are inherently fire retardant, FR Neutral with accurate knowledge of fiber content


• For healthcare, hospitality, educational, corporate, entertainment and residential interiors.

• Used for cubical, curtains/drapery, seating, panel fabrics, bedding and wallcoverings.

• Can be combined with other fabric finishes such as antimicrobial, FR treatments and all backings.


• Does not affect the recyclability of the product.

• No Formaldehyde. No PFOA. No VOC’s.

Nano-Tex® for Faux Leather Products.

PU and PVC products have always been known for their ease of cleaning and inherent repellency to stains. In addition to its extreme performance, vinyl has always had a notorious “Achilles heel” when it comes to ink staining. Nano-Tex for vinyl is the solution. Stopping ballpoint pen in it’s tracks.




• Resistance to denim dye transfer, or dye migration. Any dyes can be easily wiped from the surface of the nonwoven product with a dry cloth.

• Impeccable protection against ink and pen staining. Difficult to write on, easy to clean.

• Protection against staining from dirt and spills including coffee, soda, wine, mustard, salad dressing, blood, urine and iodine.

• Stains can be easily cleaned with a dry cloth. If dried and sticky use a mild soap and water mixture, or a small amount of hand sanitizer for a stubborn spot.


• Extends your product life by keeping your vinyl free from multiple stains, extending the product life and saving you money on replacement costs.

• Enhances Abrasion Results.


• For healthcare, hospitality, institutional, educational, entertainment and any extreme environments.

• Primarily used fabric in high use seating applications, especially where repeated and frequent cleanings occur.

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