Nano-Tex® Coolest Comfort

Nano-Tex® Coolest Comfort


Nano-Tex® Coolest Comfort是先进的除湿排汗系统,帮助控制和均衡体温保持面料的清新和干燥。采用先进的纳米技术,每根纤维发生了根本变化,彻头彻尾地提供干燥和凉爽安逸。Coolest Comfort将涤纶纤维从潮湿屏障变成潮湿导管,使湿气远离肌肤。事实上,经Coolest Comfort处理的涤纶比100%的纯棉的除湿率高50%。与大多数面料兼容,它对于床单、棉被和羽绒被、枕头、床垫套等最为理想。

Coolest Comfort的优点:

  • 先进的除湿排汗技术-保持面料清新干燥
  • 均衡体温-透气且调节温度避免合成面料过热
  • 凉爽舒适-保持面料的天然柔软度并使面料自然透气
  • 经久耐用-经反复洗涤,除湿品质保持不变
  • 低耗高效-经 Coolest Comfort处理的涤纶比棉便宜,控制潮湿能力更佳

Nano-Tex® Coolest Comfort

Keep dry, stay cool, rest easy.

Nano-Tex® Coolest Comfort is an advanced moisture wicking system that helps control and balance body temperature to keep fabrics feeling fresh and dry. Using advanced nanotechnology, each fiber is fundamentally transformed, delivering dry, cool comfort through and through. Coolest Comfort transforms polyester fabric from being a moisture barrier to a moisture conduit, pulling dampness away from the skin. Coolest Comfort treated polyester dries four times faster than 100% cotton. Compatible with most fabrics, it is ideal for bed linens and sheets, comforters and duvets, pillows, mattress protectors, and more.

Coolest Comfort Benefits:

  • Advanced moisture-wicking technology – Keeps fabrics feeling fresh and dry
  • Balances body temperature – Breathes and regulates temperatures to prevent overheating with synthetic fabrics
  • Cool and comfortable – Maintains fabric’s natural softness and allows fabric to breathe naturally
  • Durable and long lasting – Retains moisture wicking properties, wash after wash
  • Cost-effective – Coolest Comfort-treated polyester offers cost advantages versus cotton, with superior moisture management


Nano-Tex® Coolest Comfort Nano-Tex® Coolest Comfort

Nano-Tex® Coolest Comfort Nano-Tex® Coolest Comfort Nano-Tex® Coolest Comfort Nano-Tex® Coolest Comfort


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