Nano-Tex Offers Spill-Resistant Fabrics


Nano-Tex Offers Spill-Resistant Fabrics

Textile company Nano-Tex has developed a number of revolutionary textile technologies, and perhaps one of the more interesting innovations is spill-resistant fabric.

Using a chemical formula that bonds directly to the fibers within the textile, this new technology renders the fabric permanently spill and stain resistant.

When a liquid that could potentially cause a blemish comes into contact with the fabric, rather than sinking into the fibers, the fluid beads and rolls right off the surface without leaving a mark.

Nano-Tex Offers Spill-Resistant Fabrics

This is all well and good, but those who want to incorporate this technology into more luxe fabrics may wonder: will this affect the feel and hand of the textile?

Designers who require that their garments’ physical attributes remain unaltered needn’t worry. The formula blends seamlessly into fabrics and does not affect the hand, weight, or breathe-ability.

Additionally, the treated fabrics do not require any sort of special care or cleaning, they can simply be washed with soap and water just like any other textile.

Nano-Tex Offers Spill-Resistant Fabrics

The formula allows for a greater range of use for more delicate fabrics, whites, and solids in general. Best of all, it is environmentally friendly.

Nano-Tex has a wide range of stain-resistant fabrics available. Different types include cotton, rayon, silk wool, as well as synthetics.



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