Nanotex and Cotton Incorporated present DRY INSIDE for cotton apparel

Nanotex, a leading fabric innovator providing nanotechnology-based textile enhancements to the apparel, home and commercial/residential interiors markets, and Cotton Incorporated, the research and promotion company of US cotton producers, have announced Nanotex DRY INSIDE technology for cotton apparel.

The patented Nanotex DRY INSIDE technology aims to enable effective moisture transfer away from the skin, eliminating dampness and chaffing, in 100% cotton apparel, while maintaining the additional comfort aspects of garments made from the natural fibre.

The companies are showcasing Nanotex DRY INSIDE on cotton at the Outdoor Retailer trade show, which is taking place this week in Salt Lake City.

High-tech performance

According to Nanotex, the processing technology is said to enable cotton to effectively compete with synthetic fibre fabrications in the active and athleisure markets. Testing on the technology at Cotton Incorporated laboratories in Cary, NC, showed that Nanotex DRY INSIDE outperformed 100% polyester and untreated cotton in one-way moisture transport and cling.

“In the last five years, we have seen tremendous growth in the active and athleisure markets and with this movement, customers have come to expect a high degree of comfort alongside a high level of performance,” explained Randy Rubin, CEO of Nanotex.

“The stumbling block has been cotton’s innate absorbency and limited wicking abilities. Nanotex DRY INSIDE for cotton is the solution; it enables Nanotex to give its customers what their customers are interested in – high-tech performance plus the comfort of cotton.”

Moisture management

Nanotex DRY INSIDE applies a technical application to the back of the fabric, allowing moisture to move away from the body through invisible channels. Once moved from the inside to the outside of the garment, the moisture spreads and evaporates more readily; leaving the wearer dry and comfortable without clogging the fabric weave or compromising the look, feel or breathability of the fabric.

“We sent Nanotex DRY INSIDE cotton through a battery of moisture management test methods, as well as our own cling force test,” said William Kimbrell, Director, Technology Marketing at Cotton Incorporated.

“We found that the Nanotex DRY INSIDE technology created a high performing cotton product.  Specifically, we saw cotton finished with Nanotex DRY INSIDE outperformed 100% polyester samples, as well as untreated cotton samples for moisture transport; and offered in 80% reduction in cling force.”

Nanotex partners

Nanotex is comprised of a family of 11 products, such as Resists Spills, Releases Stains, Neutralizer and Coolest Comfort, and includes the important enhancement of the integration of a DNA marker to protect against counterfeiting.

The brand has more than 100 manufacturer partners, including not only in branded apparel and outdoor gear, but home textiles and contract and residential interiors markets as well. In addition to Cotton Incorporated, Nanotex brand partners include the Gap, Banana Republic, Macy’s, JC Penney’s, Gymboree, Target, Dickies, Cabela’s, L.L. Bean, Burton, UnderArmour, Ashworth, Nordstrom, Hanes, QVC and others.

“We see Nanotex DRY INSIDE for Cotton impacting the active and athleisure markets in a tremendous way – it allows for the touch, look and feel of cotton to be experienced in a revolutionary new way, one that has long been desired,” commented Randy Rubin.

Nanotex and Cotton Incorporated present DRY INSIDE for cotton apparel


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